Free Photo Book Offer!

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With Purchase


FREE Photo Book!

When you purchase 6 photo sessions with Artsy Chick




6 sessions (w 10 digital images included in each session) for $999


(This offer can't be combined with any other offer)

(Offer only for Sessions, not Events)


Our Books... 

About the Photo Book:

10X8 in. Standard Landscape, Hardcover Image Wrap 

           Standard 80 lb. paper, 30 pgs., A $129.99(+tax & Shipping)Value.

Join our program. It's perfect for families!  

But it can be used for all the type of sessions we offer.


The idea is having the growth of your baby as they flourish/ change of time recorded and saved in a book that can be passed on from one generation to another. It's a beautiful book that I have for both of my children and cherish! And I thought you would love it too.  A beautiful gift for grandparents and for your children to save when they get older and have children of their own.


This can be for your newborn(0-6 months of age), 0-1 year of age or 0-5 years of age milestones. You can have a photo shoot every other month, every 6 months, or every year, any schedule that works for you.


Family & Couples:

Remember, this offer can be used for your semi annual/annual pictures as well. It's such a beautiful way to cherish these wonderful memories as they flourish.